After Builders Cleaning London

Booked for customers that had renovation work done in their property. Hourly based service.

Depending on size and condition of the property, the customer decides how many hours to book.

Detergents & Equipment are included in the price.

The service can be combined with Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning.

After Builders Cleaning

After Builders Cleaning services include:

- remove any rubbish and debris leftover from building work.

- professionally clean all floors/carpets to remove dirt and dust, and unsightly markings left by paint or plaster.

- professionally clean all windows, sills and window-frames of leftover debris, paint and plaster.

- deep-clean all skirting boards, wainscoting, doors, door frames, fixtures, switches and sockets.

- spot clean walls and ceilings.

- deep-clean of kitchen, bedrooms, living room, and common areas, including fixtures such as shelves and cupboards inside and out.

- de-lime and de-scale any bathroom or kitchen tile, and polish all surfaces and woodwork as necessary.

- deep-clean of toilets, sinks, bathtubs, showers and other bathroom fixtures inside and out.

- deep-clean of all floors and stairs

- ensure a healthy, dust-free property

After builders cleaning in London by Voila Services Ltd. cleaning company. Cleaning House in London after home renovation - dusting, carpet steam cleaning, building material removing. Voila cleaners team is trained and experienced, providing the best cleaning services. Our clients get efficient and quality cleaning service.

As much as they try builders are unable to clean up thoroughly after themselves. Building dust and dirt builds up everywhere and is extremely hard to get rid of. This type of cleaning requires at least 3 repetitive systems of thoroughly hovering, mopping and dusting. Our teams, using industrial modern machinery and detergents, are able to remove this boring and hard work off of your shoulders. That is why this service is guaranteed. It is not an hourly service but unlimited in time where a team of cleaners will attend and clean for as long as needed using our equipment. Ensuring your premises is ready to live in immediately.

After Builders Cleaning London prices

We provide free on-site quotes. We encourage you to call 020 7112 9177 or 020 3670 9997 to arrange an appointment.

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