Firstly, congratulations! The benefits of having someone to clean for you are fantastic: a clean home and still time to spend with your family, friends or just time for you.

  But there are things that you need to consider!

  Cleaning is very personal and hiring a domestic cleaning company means allowing a stranger into your home. Probably many questions are going around your head like “Nobody cleans my home like me.” or “what happens if something goes wrong?” or “Can I afford it?” or “How will they know what I need doing?”
  Here’s a checklist of things that your cleaner or cleaning company must have. Anything less and you will be cutting corners! When you interview a cleaner or speak to a cleaning company you must get answers to the following:

1. The most important feature is that you need to know whether your cleaner has been vetted. If you are going to employ a local cleaner you must ensure that you know who they are and that you can trust them!

2. Is the cleaner insured if they have an accident in your home? Is the cleaner insured if they break something in your home? Are they and their company fully insured? If not, you might need to be!

3. Who will pay the cleaner's national insurance and holiday pay? Unless they are employed by a company full time, it could be you!

4. Can they clean? Will they clean? What happens if they do not provide the quality cleaning that
you expect? Training is vital. Cleaning done professionally to a good standard is usually quicker and
thorough, saving you time and money.

5. What type of vacuum cleaners do they use? If they do not use HEPA filter vacuum cleaners they
will just be re-circulating dust and dirt (and may be other customers' dust and dirt) around your home.

6. Do they have a secure and insured key holding service? This may be important to you. If you lead a busy life, on top of your other work and family commitments should you really have to sit at
home just to watch the cleaners do their work?

7. Are the cleaners flexible? You may find that your working schedule changes, your requirements
change (you might need extra ironing or you have booked a holiday, etc.). You want the service to
match your needs. A flexible cleaning service that is tailor-made to suit your cleaning requirements.

8. Some companies require a long-term commitment from you. Even a local cleaner will have employment rights! Other cleaning companies work with a small notice period.

9. What kinds of cleaning products is a cleaner introducing into your home? Do you have children
and pets you need to worry about? Your home should be cleaned with environmentally-friendly

10. If it doesn’t work out, can you complain? Would you complain? Many cleaning companies offer a satisfaction guarantee and have somebody, other than the cleaner, that you can discuss the matter
with. You can always tell a professional cleaning company that you will get good customer service from, they answer the phone during office hours!


  • We have become a leading local, contract cleaning & support services company by offering an outstanding service at an excellent price, to both residential and commercial clients.
  • We deliver high quality cleaning & competitive pricing using both non-ethical and ethical cleaning (eco-friendly) products and practices.
  • We have an excellent client retention rate because we deliver consistently high cleaning service standards, 365 days of the year.
  • We employ a vetted, uniformed and well-motivated workforce with good employment conditions, training and support. We strive to keep our team, pro-active and happy, so they stay with us in the long run, which means clients often get to know our team.
  • We offer flexible specifications to suit your budget. We do not have any excess agency fees. The price you see is the price you pay and certainly not subject to any "hidden extras".
  • We use tried & tested quality control and have full liability insurance and employ our staff under full Safety & Employment Law adherence.
  • We have the experience & infrastructure to offer you the outstanding cleaning service you require.
  • We’re professional, reliable & easy to deal with.

  Guaranteed commitment - We are committed to providing our clients with the same quality of cleaning each and every time we visit. Once our cleaning team has completed the visit, our supervisor will inspect each room to ensure our standards are enforced.

  We really want your business! We want to win your business and we're prepared to spend time
discussing your cleaning requirements, surveying your premises and ultimately presenting a
thorough and - we hope, compelling proposal.

Questions, Advice or Information?

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