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One Off Cleaning London is an hourly based service. This service is suitable for people who don’t have a regular domestic cleaner but would require occasional help with the cleaning. Our customers have the option to book one cleaner for a number of hours or a number of cleaners for a few hours every now and then. We are quite flexible with this service. Our cleaners come in and clean as much as they can for the time they have been booked. It is wise for the customer to have a list of priorities prepared prior to the cleaning session. For example we can be asked to pay special attention on the bathroom and if we have the time to clean the kitchen and the living room as well.

Alternatively we can advise you on the number of hours and cleaners necessary to perform the cleaning at your place once we get full detains on the property and its condition.If you do not have other priorities we can polish and make all surfaces shiny, including skirting boards, windowsills, fireplaces and floors. We will scrub and wipe all the dirt from your kitchen and bathroom, all the grease and limescale will be gone.

One off cleaning London.


The beauty of this service, is that it is dictated entirely by you, the client, whatever you need doing will be carried out, all the cleaners and the office staff are able to advise whether your cleaning priorities and the number of hours booked are do-able. We really try our best to be as flexible as possible and require a priority cleaning list to ensure that as much of the list is completed in the number of hours booked. Customers are expected to provide all cleaning equipment, or for an extra charge on top and a parking space, we can bring a van full of equipment.

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One-off Cleaning Prices London

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