Carpet Steam Cleaning London

Voila Cleaners London provide professional carpet steam cleaning services, rugs and upholstery steam cleaning.Professional Carpet Cleaning London

The package of cleaning services include:

- Spot and stain removal
- Deep carpet cleaning
- Upholstery cleaning
- Rug cleaning
- Mattress cleaning
- Curtains cleaning


The Process:

- Our carpet technician parks within walking distance of the address.

- Carries his equipment/detergents to the property.

- Pours hot water into the machine.

- Preheats all stains, high traffic areas and dirt patches with the proper detergents.

There are detergents for coffee stains, fruit stains, make up stains. You name it.

- The professional carpet machine injects hot steam in the carpet and extracts it afterwards. The noise you hear during the carpet steam cleaning process is no louder than vacuum cleaner.

- The carpet takes around 3h to dry. They will dry faster if a window is open.

Rug Cleaning London

Surface dirt is not the only worry where carpets are concerned. Deep within the fibres are where the issues are. This is where the germs and bacteria live. The carpets steam cleaning equipment is able to reach these areas and thoroughly clean them killing most allergens and bacteria as well as cleaning dirt. If you or your loved ones are prone to seasonal allergies, this is the most effective way of minimising or even eliminating these.

Carpet steam cleaning London - prices

Carpet steam cleaning prices London

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